Tuscany villas and countryside farm

If we are looking for a slow holiday in close contact with nature, which would lead us far from the pace imposed by the city life, the solution is renting a farmhouse in Tuscany or one of the many a tuscany villas

Tuscany villas surrounded hills

Surrounded by hills covered with vineyards, olive trees, cypresses, pines, meadows and cultivated fields seem to be in a dream (rightly l `UNESCO included a few glimpses of Tuscany one of the sites considered patrimony of humanity`). 

Holiday in Tuscany villas

  • holiday in tuscany villas as this will allow us to do a bit of exercise and regain better physical shape . How? With excursions by mountain bike along our paths and among the white houses of which Tuscany abounds. Trekking up and down the gentle slopes of the hills. Again, if we opt for a structure with riding, spending a few hours on horseback.

  • Not wanting to play sports? So we always spend our days reading a book and sipping a hot cappuccino in the arbor of our Tuscany villasVisiting one of the many small medieval villages of which Tuscany is rich. Maybe sitting at the bar of the main square, there is always a `n, chatting with the elders of the place or, more simply, to watch them play cards. 

But that’s not all. Why stay in one of the many farmhouses in Tuscany also means to spend a romantic holiday in one of the many tuscany villas . All around us, in fact, there will be rustic and warm, yellow ocher and red brick, wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, old wrought iron or ceramic tile, dark wood furniture and stone floors. L is ideal if you want to spend a holiday Tuscany with the people we care about most.