Discover and Explore Chianti

Fall in love with the charm and beauty of Chianti, Tuscany. Explore its every nook and cranny with an insider guide to the best way to get around this majestic wine region.

Discover and Explore Chianti

If you are in the process of booking your accommodations and going through the wonderful selections of Tuscany villas to rent, make sure you take time to learn the ins and outs of Chianti in order to fully enjoy your stay.

For extended visits, Tuscany villas to rent offer a viable option, especially for families with children in tow. By staying in a rented villa well away from the hustle and bustle of tourist crowds, you can look forward to enjoying the unadulterated view of sloping hills and quaint hilltop villages that continue to lure travellers from all over the world.

When visiting this Italian region you will discover that it is quite a large area, which means moving around from one place to another can be quite a challenge – especially if you plan on using public transportation. The best way to explore Chianti is undoubtedly by driving around – with the aid of a GPS or a detailed map, of course. However, when planning to tour Chianti without a car, here is some helpful information to help you a little.

By Train

You will be happy to know that the railway line is quite developed in Tuscany. However, take note that this mode of transportation does not reach the main attractions of Chianti. But rather than being a hindrance, this is actually a good thing, as it provides you an unfettered view of lush vineyards and beautiful landscapes without busy train stations and rail lines getting in the way.

There are two main train stations in Chianti – one in Castellina, which connects you to Florence and Siena, and another one in Poggibonsi. If you are planning to visit Florence, you will need to change trains at Empoli train station. It is generally best to travel around during weekdays, when you can catch a train every 30 minutes. Of course, if you are planning to make Chianti your central destination when booking Tuscany villas to rent, it’s always best to do a little research ahead when it comes to relying on public transportation.

By Bus

When in Chianti, you can go practically anywhere by riding a local bus. However, you should check for the bus schedules ahead of time so you don’t spend valuable holiday time stranded at the bus stops. SITA buses are scheduled regularly leaving from Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence and making stops at every village.

By Rental Scooters or Bikes

When in Tuscany, villas to rent can sometimes be a distance from shops or restaurants. One popular option is to rent a scooter or bike to get around. This is especially ideal if you are traveling on your own. There are plenty of scooter and bike rental companies all over the region and the rates are usually very reasonable for extended periods.

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